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We went out to Quiet World Sports today to pick up a slightly used kayak, pictured below.  This is a Future Beach Trophy 126 DLX kayak designed for the usual kayaking as well as for fishing.  It has two big storage areas and several places to hold fishing poles.  The cargo straps are also big enough to hold a pretty decent sized tackle box.

The folks out a Quiet World Sports run a kayak school located close to Jackson, MI.  They are supposed to be one of the larger schools in the Midwest.  They buy kayaks, use them for a year in their school, and then sell them.

In reality, my kayak looks like it never made it into the water.  Ever.  If you are reasonably close to Jackson, and are in need of a kayak, then please check out their list of slightly used boats.  They also sell top shelf paddles for a lot less than you will pay for new paddles. 

My kayak has a list price of $540.  I got the kayak and a nice graphite paddle for $360.

The ice will be gone soon.  Those fish are in trouble and they don't even know it!

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Great looking Kayak. Isn't it hard to paddle when it is vertical?