A Case For Gun Control


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At least, a gun in the hand of a New York Times editor seems like a dangerous thing given his propensity for aiming his mouth in one direction and shooting himself in the foot as a result.

What Bill Keller doesn't know, apparently, could fill up an entire op-ed piece. Or a newsroom.
The NYT editorial that inspired the above is here.  I still think it would be good for Mr. Keller to get out of New York and see how the rest of the country lives for a while.  Perhaps his inventory of persons of hay is too large to justify such an adventure.

Google Reader - Update


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I am in love with Google Reader. I've cut my blog reading time by at least a third because of it.

Right now I am following (12) data sources with the Reader. Four of them are blogs that you see to the right. (Ronnie, Sherwood, Ruth, and Mike) I also follow the rec.arts.comics.strips newsgroup using the reader. I never ever miss a single post. On top of that I follow Al Jazeera's English feed, Instapundit, Drudge, Classical Values, Black Five, Megan McArdle, and Memeorandum.

And I never miss any of their posts. If it sounds interesting, I can "star" it for later reading. If I find something not on one of those lists, I can add it to the Reader's saved items for later review and blog activity.

I've got tons of stuff saved and it only too moments!

Don't y'all feel lucky!??!

I Always Thought Ducks Were A Little Weird


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Down The Grammatic Sewer - I Say Sorry


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A pet peeve of mine was recently irritated by a series of stories regarding the fake "lesbian" blogger from Syria.

Misogyny?  Nope.  I'm not in favor of it, but that ain't it.

The spectre of anti-homosexuality?  Again...nope.  I'm not in favor of gay bashing...quite the opposite actually....but that ain't it either.

My peeve?  "Say sorry".

News stories about the fake "lesbian blogger" use some variant of "Blogger says sorry" either as a title or within the body of the story.

Ladies and gentlemen.  Boys and girls.  Friends, Romans, Countrypersons!  Hear me!  The English language has developed a single word that covers this action.  One need not ever use the phrase "say sorry" again.

That word is "apologize".

"I apologize."

"He apologized."

"She offered an apology."

"You should apologize."


"You should 'say sorry'."

What Media Bias?


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LA Times Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails | The Gateway Pundit

Update: From Glenn Reynolds:  "Will we ever get to see that tape, and if so, how best to shake it loose?” Er, convince ‘em it would be bad for Sarah Palin?"