Depressing Musical Trends


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While I certainly realize that the size of the music market has changed, that doesn't really mitigate these unfortunate truths.

12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music


A Pearl For You


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Having a majority of people on one's side does not make one right. It makes one popular.
- Dann Todd, 2012 

Something to keep in mind not only this election season, but every other one as well.  Consider this my Hobbit-style birthday gift to you.

Art History - Post Script


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While researching the work of Guido Cagnacci for by post of a couple days ago, I came across this image.

Fool that I am, I wondered why a baroque era artist would create such a wonderful work of art.  Sadly, he didn't.

Marta rebuking Mary for her vanity - Courtesy of WikiCommons

Amazing Canadian Boobies Kept Under Wraps


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I am astonished.  Canadian Muslim women have boobies!  Who knew!

Or rather, who doesn't want you to know.

Just give it a read as I couldn't do anything but harm at this point by trying to add anything.

Art History - Dangerous Conclusions


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Suicidal women are frequently exhibitionists?  Guido Cagnacci had a thing for Cleopatra?  Or dead women in general?

Potentially NSFW in some universes.

The Hills Are Alive....


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with the sound of music.  Julie Andrews with the original Maria Von Trapp.  How cool!

Moving Madness IX


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Another creation from Eddie BoesWave Rider.  Located at Temecula Pediatric Dentistry in Temecula, Ca.  I used to live within an easy drive from there!