Glenn Reynolds For President!


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It was recently suggested that UT law professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds be drafted as a candidate for President of the United States.  His qualifications?  Well the whole use of two "nn's" thing is weirdly attractive to me in a candidate.

But as Stacy McCain pointed out, the fact that he doesn't crave all that power is a second point in his favor.  Those that do crave such power?

Outside of politics, we recognize that a desire to run other peoples’ lives — to boss them around — is the manifestation of a sadistic personality. Nobody likes a bully in real life and yet, in politics, we see how people acquire power by proclaiming that the rest of us are not competent to run our own lives and therefore need government to tell us what to do for our own good.
Sadly, the Blogfather has indicated his unwillingness to serve.  What a pity.

At least, I can't imagine him doing any worse than the last guy we elected President that had a stint teaching college law classes on his resume.

Experience - The Greatest Teacher


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Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution talks about being wrong about the Voting Rights Act of 1982.

Unfortunately — like so many measures designed to provide redress for historic wrongs — those racially gerrymandered districts also come with a significant downside: They discourage moderation. Politicians seeking office in majority-black or –brown districts found that they could indulge in crude racial gamesmanship and left-wing histrionics.
I think what she is reaching for [are] the positive benefits of assimilation.

What We Do....


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Would You Take A Flag To A Pawn Shop?


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The Dogs Of War


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From Liberty At All Costs

h/t to Blackfive for the image.

Remember to honor those that served our nation so well, and the price they paid for our liberty.  This day and all year long.