Don't Make It Easy


Posted on : 6/04/2010 04:42:00 PM | By : Dann | In : ,

I struggle.  And some folks just aren't willing to help.

I generally work not to have an "those [fill in the blank] people are all [fill in mindless insult]" attitude.  The person most recently demonstrating an unwillingness to help being Sir Paul McCartney.  He had some mindless twittery to offer relative to former President George Bush and libraries.  Had Sir Paul actually known anything about Mr. Bush, he would have kept his yap shut.

This response seems to have it just about right.

In mocking the [supposed] boorishness of a former U.S. president, Sir Paul, and those who roared at his remark, unfortunately demonstrated their own.
More at the link.  The extra word is mine.

Having a passionate disagreement about policy is one thing.  Being petty and insulting is quite another.  Classless twits have a hard time hiding their classless twittery.