Let The Silly Season Begin!


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We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty."  Edward R. Murrow
A brief thought as our quadrennial electoral circus begins.

It is time for Mr. Obama to go.

He isn't evil.

He isn't a Stalinist.

He doesn't belong in prison.

Under no circumstances, should he come to any harm before his term in office expires.  Or after, for that matter.

Outside of the Presidency, Mr. Obama seems like a nice enough guy.  However.....

Mr. Obama is quite simply enamored of any number of substantially flawed ideas with respect to economics, tax policy, and health care issues.  His deficit spending has undermined the value of the dollar and saddled our youth with trillions of dollars of excess debt.  Mr. Obama's spending makes every single other President look like a piker.  His Justice Department has pro-actively armed criminal organizations that operate inside our neighbor and ally, Mexico.  His foreign policies have largely abdicated the field of global diplomacy to terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and to China, our most daunting economic competitor.  And he has actively fostered divisions in our country.

At the time of his election, Mr. Obama decidedly lacked the experience in a leadership position to run for the office of President of the United States.  It was reasonably suspected that his economic platform would further empower a too powerful central, federal government by moving towards a more European style of social-democratic government.

Both have come to fruition.

Mr. Obama's defense policies have been pretty good. And his administration has had moments where they have moved the country forward.

Pundits make comparisons between Mr. Obama and former President Carter because it is apt.  And like Mr. Carter, Mr. Obama does not deserve another four years in office.

Now I'm Screwed


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A brief bit of snark over at the blogfather's is a neat encapsulation of some things I have thought for a while.  Unfortunately, Andrew Sullivan is the inspiration.

One of the prime defenses of the economic machinations of the Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration is that "the stimulus didn't work better because they didn't know how bad the economy really was."   This brings to mind a couple brief retorts.

  • So you want to reward their prior incompetence with more spending authority?  Alternatively, if they got it wrong before, what makes you think they are correct now?
  • So you now find it acceptable for a President to make a strong response based on faulty information that everyone accepted as true at the time?
Sadly, Mr. Sullivan's endorsement of Ron Paul just makes it that much harder to pick a candidate should next November witness a Paul vs. Obama race.  The hair splitting required may be beyond my acumen.

Adults And Babies


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How anybody expects a man to stay in business with every two-bit wowser in the country claiming a veto over what we can say and can't say and what we can show and what we can't show - it's enough to make you throw up. The whole principle is wrong; it's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't eat steak.

- The Man Who Sold The Moon, by Robert Heinlein