Baiting The Hook With Stars


Posted on : 5/27/2011 08:23:00 PM | By : Dann | In : , ,

A few years ago, Sherwood treated us to a spectacular image of the Milky Way.

I would like to return the favor.  While this video is supposed to be a time lapse of four telescopes in operation, your eye will be continually drawn to the passing astral scene in the back ground.  This is the coolest thing you will see today.

Watching the telescopes is fun as well.  I demonstrated a fair amount of ignorance in my now defunct blog over the use of lasers to aid in viewing stars.  The time lapse shows one of the telescopes using that technology on several occasions.  Also, you will see the doors open and close, panels will be raised and lowered in the open doorways, and other ports/windows/doors will open and close as well.

Quite the interesting display!

The Trouble With Socialists


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Actually I’d say it’s fairly typical. The more they talk about equality, the more they implement aristocracy.