You Know The Prosecution Is In Trouble


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When you find something like this on a website like TalkLeft.

Zimmerman should prevail on classic self-defense at trial regardless of stand your ground. Raising stand your ground before trial gives him the possibility of a quicker win, and the opportunity to preview the state's strategy before it gets to a jury.
Lots more at the link.  A whole lot more.  But the general take-away is that based on the available evidence, Mr. Zimmerman was acting reasonably and in self-defense.

As I've said before, there is a whole lot more that I need to know before drawing a conclusion.  And since I'm not in the jury pool, it isn't likely that I'll ever know enough to satisfy myself, much less others.

But the more I learn, the more the conclusion of justifiable self-defense (regardless of Stand Your Ground) seems reasonable.

A Little Foolish Consistency


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Given the amount of flack that I toss towards the NY Times, WaPo, NPR, and others, I would be remiss in not also pointing out the recent incident of bias by Fox News (as opposed to one of their opinion shows).  So in case you were wondering, the Fox News staff does apparently lean to the right.  That sort of bias has no business being associated with the presentation of news/facts.

Also for the record, that makes the score:

News organizations that lean to the right - 2
News organizations that lean to the left - hundreds if not thousands