She Is Kidding....Right?


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According to a story in the New York Post, Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for their recent television commercial.

You know the ads.  They have this baby on screen.  They use some software to make his mouth move as if he could speak like a grown up.  And they have someone do the voice over. 

In one ad, an older guy is in the locker room of a golf clubhouse.  The kid alleges to have issued the old guy a beat down and calls him "shankapotomis".  The ads are usually good and sometimes brilliant.

In the case of Ms. Lohan's complaint, the ad involves the young lad talking on his telephone to his girlfriend.  The girlfriend asks if "that milk-a-holic Lindsay" has been over.  The young miss who pops up to say "milk-a-what?" is worth a giggle or two.

So is the idea that E-Trade purposefully created the commercial to make fun of Ms. Lohan.

Video of the commercial in question is at the link.  Ms. Lohan's common sense and dignity are no where in sight.

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