It Does Not Matter What You Were...


Posted on : 3/10/2010 06:04:00 PM | By : Dann | In : , , ,

...or where you are from.  What matters is what you are.

I am an American.  There is no need for a hyphen.  Anything that the government might slap ahead of that label is meaningless next to who I am now; an American.

Americans come in both genders....and a few that are in between.  Americans can be found in skin tones light and dark and everything in between.  What binds us more tightly than looks or blood or skin or accent is our burning desire to be free.

Free from meddlesome neighbors.  Free from intrusive governments.  Free from tyrannies of the majority, the minority, or even of the one.  Free from people that would run our lives for us because they know "better".

We love our freedom.  Regardless of how bad some other group may want that freedom, they cannot have it.  We know that there is no price that they can offer that is worth the ability of the individual to decide how they want to live their life.

Not safety....not security....and most certainly not worthless lucre.  You cannot take it with you and they will not let you keep it anyway.

So when your U.S. Census form arrives, please make it clear that you are an American; race and heritage.  Whenever it offers you a choice, use the "other" box and fill in "American".

You will be in good company.

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