Saturday, September 5, 2020

Review: Champion for Hire

Champion for Hire Champion for Hire by John Van Stry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a LitRPG adjacent presentation of a DND-ish adventure. Our brave hero has found his way from our Earth to a different dimension where swords rule and magic is pretty common.

Our hero discovers that he can utilize the disparate nature of those two realities to make money. Mostly by selling DND craft bows to LARPers in our world and modern bows made from composite materials to those living in the DND world.

He makes money and goes to a nearby town in the DND world where he proceeds to have sex.

He makes a lot more money, learns some fighting skills, and continues to have every hot female character that comes along fall on his lap.

He then becomes the champion of a god, leads an army to victory, and has even more sex with the hot queen.

While this book was a fun read, it was undermined by the fact that the lead character was a Gary Stu. Everything he did was correct. He always won. And he always got the girl. Girls actually as he ends up married to two different women from different parallel worlds. He also has another woman on the side. Everyone is OK with these arrangements.

There were a couple of twists towards the end that make this a book worth finishing once you start. But be prepared for a few occasions where you will have to walk blindly across the room as that is where your rolling eyes finally stopped.

I generally do not like LitRPG, but this was pretty good as it didn't really focus much on "leveling up" and just left character improvements to be revealed within the context of the story.

I picked up this book because the author is a fellow veteran and the elevator pitch made it worth taking a shot. I'm glad I read the book, but I'm unlikely to go any further in this series.

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