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Snowbound Snowbound by Blake Crouch
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a 2-star review. At best it is a 1.5 star book.

The premise is straightforward. A wife/mother is abducted. The police fail to execute a proper investigation. A shadowy law enforcement figure shows up claiming to have "the facts".

The reality is that the young womany was taken for her looks to serve as a sex slave at a posh Alaskan wilderness retreat. Rich men pay lots of money to visit and rape the women. A rescue ensues.

The plot is riddled with more holes than a wheel of Swiss cheese. The Alaskan resort is massive, remote, and unknown. It is highly unlikely that such a structure would ever be built/exist undetected.

The resort is visited by lots of men and there are many men involved in the abduction and maintenance of the slaves/women. There is zero possibility that such a secret operation could remain a secret for long given the number of people involved.

Then there is the cardboard characterizations. The more prominent patrons are all Texas oilmen or their close friends.

The first half/two-thirds of the story is a pretty good investigation/pursuit story. It's only when the location of the story shifts to Alaska where flimsy storytelling rears its ugly head.

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