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A small bit of history.  I used to sing.

You have no doubt heard of the proverbial big fish in a small pond.  We had a pretty decent pond.  I was a keeper if I stretched my tail fins.  A lot.

Though I don't sing much anymore, I do still enjoy music a great deal.

Which is why I absolutely love NBC's "The Sing Off".  Sing Off is a competition between vocal groups that sing a cappella.  For the musically unwashed, that means they don't use instruments.

These groups are musically tight.  Great harmonies.  Powerful melodies.  And rhythm sections that are just killers.

I will be sharing a few performances with you as the weeks tick by.  First up is Sonos.  The judges spent a lot of time focusing on the fact that the group usually uses pedal boxes to mold their sound.  For the competition, all of that "extra" stuff had to be put aside.

Truth be told, their first performance was not particularly great.  But there was something in their arrangement and their performance that grabbed my attention. 

I was so impressed that I started looking around for their website.  Their music page includes a few samples to give you a better idea of what this group can do.

I knew after listening to the samples that I was in trouble.

Eventually, I found a video of Sonos doing the same song with all of their accoutrements.

Loved it.  Bought both albums shortly thereafter.

I suspect that this group will not go far in the Sing Off competition.  Their music is not what these judges generally look for.

But I can't wait for the mailman to arrive!

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