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I check Matt Drudge's site on a regular basis.  I find it to be one of many useful sites for knowing the major stories of the day.  Unfortunately, he...or his staff...decided to be a bit deceptive today.

The link to this Politico story suggests that Vice President Joe Biden had verbally "slapped" former President George W. Bush.  Yet the text of the actual story suggests that Mr. Biden had actually offered credit where credit is due.

“I think America wins,” Biden told POLITICO in an end-of-trip interview at the ambassador’s residence in the sprawling U.S. Embassy complex. “I sound corny, but I think America gets credit here in the region. And I think everybody gets credit, from George Bush to [President Obama].

It is a sad bit of deception.

I agree that credit is due to many people; including George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.  It is a pity that Messrs Obama and Biden couldn't have gotten on board with the campaign in Iraq before they won the 2008 Presidential election.  Victory has many fathers......

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