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Posted on : 3/03/2010 07:09:00 AM | By : Dann | In : , ,

Apparently New York representative and tax scofflaw Charles Rangel is going to step down.......from being the chair of the Ways and Means committee in Congress.  He's not actually leaving Congress.  That would be far too much accountability for a person of his ...ahem..... stature.

Of course, he still hasn't been subjected to the full force of the IRS like any normal taxpayer that skipped out on over a million dollars in taxes by filing fraudulent tax returns.  If it was good enough for Leona Helmsley.....

Update:  It appears that half a maggot-infested loaf is better than none.  Mr. Rangel has temporarily stepped down as chair of Ways and Means while the Ethics Committee does their work.

Sadly, there is not much hope that the Democrats will hold Mr. Rangel accountable for his serious breach of the public trust.  They very rarely ever demonstrate the capacity to eat their own.  Not that the GOP has a stellar record on such things, but it is somewhat better.

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