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One of the educational benefits of following Miss Watson and Miss Sunderland [links are to the right] on their globe trotting adventures is the opportunity to learn just a little more geography.  For example, there are thousands of islands scattered around the southern hemisphere.  Some of them I had heard of.  Others I had not.

Today's lesson in geography comes via Miss Watson.  Her interactive map of her voyage includes a feature that uses the Google Earth plug-in to render way points [certainly not weight points] of her trip.  I flipped the globe so that I was looking at Antarctica.  My objective was to see as much of her trip at one time as possible.

Instead I learned a thing or two about the relative location of Australia, South America, and Africa.  I had thought that Australia and South America were closer together.  I also used to think that Africa and Australia were a bit further apart.

Needless to say, I don't believe those things any more. [then why'd you say it? -ed]

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