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OK....upfront...."old days" is a relative term.

That being said, one of my favorite groups from the 70's and 80's was Toto.  The "our song" for Beloved Bride and I is "Rosanna" from their IV album.  We went to the concert when they played Pine Knob*.  It was a great time.

Toto was founded in part by the brothers Porcaro.  Jeff Porcaro was the drummer.  Why is that important?

Back then a lot of artists would play music with a lot of other artists.  At least, there seemed to be a few more guest spots on the albums back then.  So again, why is that important?

I just discovered that Jeff Porcaro played drums for Jackson Browne.  I found that out by reading the liner notes for this album that I bought tonight.

He was the drummer for "The Pretender", Track 13, Disc 1.

A quick review....I was more familiar with the songs from Disc 2.  So I enjoyed that one a bit more.  Even though I wasn't familiar with every song, Jackson Browne is an outstanding musician and song writer and as a result I did enjoy both discs.  "The Load-Out" and "Stay" at the end of Disc 1 were great as always.  [Oh won't you staaaaaaaaaaaay....just a little bit longer!] I will look forward to listening to this album on a regular basis.

Full disclosure, I have decided to participate in Amazon's Associate's program. Commissions are involved.  With any luck, I'll make enough to buy a book or four!

*Screw Detroit still is Pine Knob to me.

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