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I have a longer post...or an extensive series of shorter posts...in mind to talk about some recent health issues that I have been dealing with.  I hope it turns out well.

In the meantime, this is me from the fall of 2010.  A group of friends went camping.  We also did a kayak run down the Muskegon River.

You will notice the dapper manner in which I was wearing my life preserver.  I usually have it cinched at all times, but I loosened it up for a few minutes on a calmer stretch of the river.

Now check me out from a paddle on my birthday this year.  (4/20/2013)  It was cold at the start; like 28 deg F cold.  It didn't get much warmer by the time we finished.  So I was wearing a few extra layers.

Here is a little closer look.

"After" sure as hell beats "before".  More to come.

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Good job on getting rid of the weight, and that applies no matter what method you used, because it's a good, smart decision and will help with just about any and every health issue. Wishing you good health.

Thanks Ruth!

At some point, I have a much longer post about how and why I did it. I'm not done yet.

Writing...or losing the excess pounds.