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Zack Kopplin of Louisana made the news a couple weeks back.  He has apparently spent most of his high school career and part of his college career fighting against a law that essentially took science out of the science classroom and replaced with religion.

Good for him.  Keep it up.

Parenthetically, I disagree with his take on global warming.  There are some reasonable scientific criticisms of some of the work that has been done in this area.  Real science involves testing theories for weaknesses rather than shouting "the science is settled".  No real scientists ever believe that science is "settled".

At least, not without a few hundred years of experience.  And anthropogenic global warming lacks that sort of experience by a few hundred years.

But I would expect that reasonable people of science should be able to rationally discuss those differences of opinion without resorting to "the Bible says" or "the science is settled".

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