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In the news this past week was the story of a 12 year old girl that shot an intruder to her home in self defense.

A day off for fall break was anything but relaxing for a 12-year old Bryan County girl, when an intruder broke into her home on Michael Avenue.

Deputies say, the girl was home alone when a man she'd never seen before, rang the front doorbell. They say when no one answered the door, the man went around to the back of the house and kicked a door open. That's when authorities say, the girl grabbed a gun and hid in a bathroom closet.
The right person came out on top in this instance.  One should shudder at the possibilities after an grown man gets hold of an unarmed 12 year old girl.

While no one should wish for such a young girl to find herself in such a position, everyone should be glad that she was able to fend off her attacker.

[a day or so later]

Call this another one where a few moments of reflection would be wise.

I'm not suggesting that we arm 12 year olds.  I also wonder about parents that leave guns loose where 12 year olds can find them.  I believe the phrase "it just ain't right" was invented for such things.

However, we don't know....
  • the girl
  • her family (were they among the working poor?  did they spend the babysitting money on drugs?)
  • the neighborhood where they live (leaving the home may not have been a good option)
  • their access to decent childcare/supervision ($3 an hour for childcare is a killer if you only make $11 an hour.
  • if something unusual happened where she was left alone (she expect to be met by an adult and wasn't)
  • if she was taught firearms safety (that's good parenting)
  • if she was taught firearms usage (also good parenting)
  • if her folks were ordinary, law abiding citizens
  • if her folks were drug dealers
  • or anything else about the circumstances
My sole point is to indicate that guns are used for legitimate self defense purposes.  More frequently than the ideologues that want to curtail gun rights will admit.  Absent evidence that this little girl was a criminal, this was such a legitimate self defense use.

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