A Champion Redux - Almost!


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As we approach kick off for tonight's BCS football championship, it might be a good idea to recall the history between these two teams.  Specifically, the 1966 Notre Dame 9-0-1 championship season where Alabama finished the season undefeated.

The lone tie for Notre Dame came against Michigan State University.  MSU was using a talented athlete courtesy of the recommendation of Paul "Bear" Bryant, coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

As was the case for all football championships of the era, the 1966 championship was decided by sports writers and coaches rather than on the field.  It was a beauty contest.

This year we have a live football game to determine the outcome.  The coach for Alabama is Nick Saban.  Nick coached at Michigan State University for several years. 

Ironic, no?

Also consider this, there were two undefeated teams in college football this year.  One was Notre Dame.  The other was Ohio State.  If Alabama defeats Notre Dame tonight, then Ohio State will be the only undefeated team this year.  And there is one national championship award that is not obligated to go to the BCS game winner. 

It could...realistically....be awarded to Ohio State.

Enjoy the game!

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