Venus' Backside


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About the best photo I've seen. Click to embiggen.

Venus transiting old Sol
Although this one ain't half bad.

Calling All The Balls And Strikes


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As some of my 3.2 regular readers know, I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh.  A lot.  But my daily schedule changed.  And my tastes changed.

I moved on.

I recently happened across a Facebook page called "Rush Babes for America".  I thought "Che cosa รจ questo?"

What indeed.....

You might think that such a page might feature "babes" in some small way.  This is Facebook after all, so one shouldn't expect too much, assuming that this is an area where one might have "expectations".  Perhaps I should say no more.

After all, it was one Robert Stacy McCain, no relation to the more widely known Senator, that once observed in his glorious treatise regarding the accumulation of visits to one's site that periodic paeans in appreciation of the distaff tend to generate the requisite amount of web traffic.  Were I that sort of whore, then you might have been treated to far more bikini shots.

But I'm not.  Lucky you. 

They call it "Rule #5" in the industry.

So what did I find on this Facebook page that is theoretically devoted to "babes" that are fans of the self-proclaimed Doctor of Democracy?   Were there photos of these "babes"?  Links?  Allusions?  Illusions?

Nope.  It is nothing but a gutless attempt at self promotion with nary a woman in sight.

Obama In History/Obama Inhistory


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It was noted a while back that someone on Mr. Obama's staff had apparently been mucking around in the official biographies of past Presidents as presented on the official White House website.  This unnamed person added little factoids to the biographies of past Presidents; Republican and Democrat alike.

While this episode was moderately interesting in the past, it really wasn't worthy of mention here until now.

When I found this website.  Enjoy!