What Qualifications?


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What are the qualifications for serving in the United States Congress?  50% of the vote plus 1.

Shouldn't they be a little higher?  Case in point, US Representative Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.) who believes that Dutch slaverholders existed in Brooklyn in 1898

That would be Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.

Add to that, Steven Colbert posed the theoretic question about using a time machine to go back in time to 1898 and what would Ms. Clarke have to say to the people of Brooklyn. Apparently, Ms. Clarke is not a big fan of science fiction as she was unclear on the concept of taking modern knowledge into the past and applying it for some benefit.

Once the whole concept of time travel was mostly cleared up, and the Dutch slave holding menace of 1898 had been hashed through, she was given another shot at suggesting a message that she would carry to the people of Brooklyn in 1898.

Her best shot?  Brooklyn is a great place.

The Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918?  She didn't see any reason to warn people about it.

The crash on Wall Street of 1929?  She thinks history should take its course unimpeded.

The sinking of the Titanic?  Let it happen.

Adolf Hitler?  Nope....well on second thought, there might be a reason to let folks know what is in their future.

It seems like every party has more than their fair share of under-qualified candidates.  And they get elected!

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