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Careful, folks.  A fair ramble lies ahead.

Author John Scalzi has been touted by the Blogfather as being a latter day Robert Heinlein.  I am partial to Mr. Heinlein's work, so I began following Mr. Scalzi's blog some time ago.

I still have yet to read any of his sci-fi.  "The Old Man's War" is sitting on the kitchen table.  Soon....

Back to his blog, he recently announced that his publisher had put a whole bunch of e-books on sale.  He even included a nifty link.

Lo and behold, what do I find?  Books by Peter V. Brett.  Also books by Robert Silverberg!  I've been reading Mr. Silverberg's work for almost 40 years.

The sale is good for the entire month of September.  If you use an e-reader, like the Kindle, then you might find some good reading in your future.

Back to Mr. Scalzi's blog again, but finding it was a bit of queer luck.  Glenn Reynolds leans pretty heavily toward the libertarian end of things.  At least, within the American political scale, he is a much of a libertarian as Barack Obama is a socialist.  Which is to say that he's not in the perceived center of American politics, but he ain't exactly way out on the fringe either.

Mr. Scalzi's politics tend to lean towards the left; not unreasonably so.  And yet Mr. Reynolds repeatedly plugs just about anything that Mr. Scalzi puts on paper.

I believe the line is firmly drawn at any works on paper that Mr. Scalzi might create in his bathroom.

Mr. Scalzi's blog is well worth your time.  I get it via my email.  He is pretty reader friendly when it comes to naming his entries.  His book recommendations are clearly marked.  I don't have time to read three books a week...although I do I can skip those without reading.

Or at least, I should ignore his recommendations.  But I can't when it involves Neal Peart of Rush!

I am doomed....

Mr. Scalzi has discussed any number of interesting issues over the last couple of months.  One series in particular was about perceptions of presence and when a person steps over the line from friendly into seriously creepy behavior. 

He also touched on Todd Akin in some interesting and and also some predicatable ways.

Mr. Scalzi swings a mighty Mallet of Loving Correction.  So the comments on his blog are more polite than others.  [grumble...I could do the same thing but I don't get enough comments to swing a dead cat, much less a MoLC, at....grumble]

Having rambled on for a bit, you might wonder where all this is going.  Well, you are already there.  Lots of good reading.  Civil exchanges of ideas.  Go forth and be satiated!

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