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Everyone's favorite punching bag, Karl Rove, recently spoke about a number of topics while at a breakfast during the GOP convention.  The one thing that I think was interesting was his take on independent campaign expenditures.

Rove, who is heading the powerhouse outside spending group Crossroads GPS, defended the use of outside money in elections.

“The Democrats have been doing it for years and I got sick and tired of fighting with one hand behind my back,” he said. “I don’t remember this angst when Americans Coming Together, funded George Soros and five of his pals, were beating up Bush.

I don’t remember anybody writing a frantic editorial in the pages of the New York Times when the NAACP voter fund announced it received a $14 million contribution form an anonymous donor in order to run an ad attacking President Bush as a racial bigot.”
That's really the problem these days, isn't it?  The GOP is fine with anything the GOP does but screams bloody murder if the Dems try anything similar.  The reverse is equally true.

Mr. Rove had some other thoughts that are worth your time as well.

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