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...and how the media gleefully reported any military connection as if it were the single most important aspect of the story.  I know the is fake, but it perfectly encapsulates today's media.

The news desks of CNN, CBS, Fox News, and numerous other media outlets across the world reacted with glee today at the revelation that a mass-shooting gunman has military experience.


Prepping graphics reels with mixes of Army basic training and the Oklahoma City bombing, the media was truly excited to mold a narrative of a troubled veteran with PTSD shooting people because the Army made him a "cold-blooded killer."

"Right now, I’m working on pulling up his military records," said Davis Smith, a reporter with the New York Times. "I already pulled up something that said he fired a pistol and a rifle in Army basic training. Law enforcement says he used a pistol in the shooting, so it’s quite obvious that the military created this monster."


"During that period, we were at the height of the Bosnian War," said Martin Evans. "We were bombing villages and had troops overseas. It just must have been too much for him."

The shooter’s records so far do not show deployments to Bosnia, but when asked for clarification, Evans had to cut the TDB interview short so he could seek out a fake veteran to talk about the dangers of PTSD.


Graphics are already being distributed across the AP Newswire of his boot camp photo from 20 years ago for use in tonight’s stories - with the caption "Solder’s Extremely Delayed PTSD Results In Domestic Terrorism."
I would added a "humor" tag, but some times even the humour isn't funny.

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