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Some time ago, I noted that there were a large number of questionable votes cast in the 2008 race for Senator in Minnesota.  Norm Coleman lost the race by 312 votes.  At the time, GOP election monitors had found 341 convicted felons that had voted illegally in that election in violation of that state's laws.

I was wrong.  The actual number of felons that had voted in that election was 1,099.  Of that number, 177 people have been convicted of vote fraud.

Not registration.  Casting a fraudulent ballot.

Now that election really mattered.  Al Franken was the 60th Democratic vote in the U.S. Senate.  No Al Franken, no PPACA/Obamacare.

At least, there would have been some real negotiations over the issue instead of having it rammed down our throats.

We must secure the ballot box against fraudulent/illegal ballots.  It is the most important [issue] facing America today.  Without confidence in the elections process, there can be no "consent of the governed".

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