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Posted on : 8/08/2012 07:00:00 AM | By : Dann | In : , ,

It is interesting to note that our Congresscritters are frequently more wealthy than the rest of us. On average.  And the margin isn't what I would call small.

Despite some small discussion of limiting investments made by Congresscritters to prevent a sort of insider trading, there are not significant rules against such things.  While we know how some of them acquired their wealth, others are a bit confounding.

For example, consider Sen. Harry Reid.  His most recent report indicates that his net worth is north of $10 million.  Yet he has never held a private sector job.  His employment history is entirely with the government either as a hired employee, appointed official, or elected official.  None of those jobs pays enough for someone to accrue that kind of money.

So where did it come from?  Given the interest in trolling through Mitt Romney's tax returns for legal methods used to reduce his tax bill, shouldn't we be more interested in how all of our Congresscritters may be using their positions to inform their investing choices?

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