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Keeping with my preference in reading material, I have recently finished "Winter Duty" which is a book from The Vampire Earth series by E.E. Knight.  "Winter Duty" presents a modest change of pace in The Vampire Earth series.

The series focuses on the life of protagonist David Valentine who lives in a post-apocalyptic world courtesy of the alien Kurians.  The Kurians consume the human aura for sustenance.  But they don't do so personally.  They send their Reapers to do the nasty work of "harvesting" humans.  The Reapers are fed by human blood.  They channel aura to their Kurian puppet masters.

The Kurians brought other species along as well for a variety of reasons.

David Valentine begins the series as a teen when is town is ripped apart by Reapers.  He ends up joining with the resistance army and demonstrates a strong aptitude for tactics....and killing.  Eventually, he is offered a chance to meet a Lifeweaver; cousins of the Kurians that decline to consume aura and are allied with the human resistance.

At that point, things get interesting.  I won't spoil it from there.

Sadly, there is not a great deal of variety to the books in this series.  David will throw himself in too deeply and his friends rescue him.  His friends end up held prisoner and David has to rescue them.  A new alien creature will be introduced and David will have to find a way to either defeat it, or co-opt it to the cause of the human resistance.  Sometimes it is a tale of "touch choices".  Sometimes it is all of the above.

"Winter Duty" has the feel of a pause in the middle of a larger story.  By comparison, consider the part of the story where the Hobbits visit Tom Bombadil and Goldberry.  While not integral to the overall storyline, the passage does help further define the Hobbits, their world, and the task ahead.

Throughout the series, there have been twists and turns.  "Winter Duty" strongly advances the intrigue of Kurian spies that have infiltrated the resistance army.  It is as if David Valentine now knows enough about the skills needed to find and kill the aliens, but still has not figured out how to discover the traitors in his midst.

These are beer and pretzel books; not necessarily the most mentally fulfilling reading, but they are certainly filling and enjoyable.  E.E. Knight spins a good yarn.

Start at the "Way of the Wolf" and move on from there.

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