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Originally titled "Ultimate Proof That The Ruskies Have Taken Over Yale", this quilt was made for one of our daughter's former boyfriends.  Shane had studied Russian while at Yale and even made a trip to Russia a few years back.  He remains a really decent person.  We wish him well wherever life takes him.

We came across a series of quilting fabrics that had a Russian theme. The four fabrics are shown below. Click for a larger picture.



The only problem with buying such fabrics is that you eventually have to find a project where you can use them. Enter our daughter's significant other. Shane is a nice young man on scholarship to Yale who also has an interest in Russia. He reads a lot of Russian novels and for a while was attempting to learn to speak the language. He's even been to Russia as part of a Yale program.
So now that we have a connection from the fabric to a person, we had to fill out the colors for the log cabin pattern. As it happens, Yale operates on a college system. There are colleges within university that have their own separate colors and traditions. You should be able to figure out Shane's college colors from the completed block sample.

My boss's wife is a quilter. He frequently accuses her of cutting up perfectly good material into tiny pieces only to sew it back together into a quilt. Apparently, I'm guilty of that sort of thing.
Once we have all of the modestly garish panels completed, then comes the task of figuring out how to arrange them into an interesting pattern. We opted for the following layout because it reminded me of a Slavic wall hanging that used to be in my grandparents house above the fireplace.

Unfortunately, we gave Shane the quilt for Christmas before I could get some photos of the finished product. So I assigned our daughter to a secret agent mission to obtain the forgotten photos.
In honor of Shane's studying at Yale, I had the lady that quilted the quilt....that's how we say it....stitch a block letter "Y" in the middle of each block. The back is a black sheet. Honest! The flash must have washed out the sheet.

And here is the whole thing. Sadly, Shane is apparently too shy to appear on my blog. Given what else gets posted here, I can't say that I blame him.

The final quilting was done by The Village Quilter in Grass Lake, MI. Give Sue a call if you ever have need of a professional quilting services. (517) 206-5154.

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