Civilians Just Don't "Get" Us


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I think the word "isolation" is most appropriately used.

Civilians do not understand the isolation that Veterans feel.  How can they?  What possible comparison can they make in their life to what its like to do even a peacetime hitch in the Army, let alone go to war.  I have nine medals and ribbons for 6 years.  Even explaining an ARCOM or an AAM is grating, or why I take so much pride in a piece of ribbon and brass.  They can't understand how I laugh at the ASR out mandatory Gay Pride awareness ribbon.  To them its just a bunch of pretty colors.  To me it is quite literally blood sweat and tears.  Nor can I easily explain what the CMB is, let alone how much that little badge means.  Long after I am gone, I will still be apart of 225th Brigade Support Battalion's history, being one of the first in that unit to receive a combat badge of any kind.  Long after I have gone to senility I will still have been recorded on the rolls, of 2-16 in the hellish time that was the Surge.  With all that in mind, is it any wonder so many civilians just don't "get" me?
 Read the rest of the story about a soldier's departure from the Army and the feelings that come with that separation.  Those feelings fade very little over the years.

Trust me.

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