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In our continuing series of quilt blogging, we bring the brief tale of Quilt #3.

As my 2.74 regular readers can attest, I took up quilting this year. I have just completed quilt #3 for my nephew, his wife, and their new baby girl. Joe is currently serving in the Marines at Camp Lejune, NC near Jacksonville. He's doing pretty well for himself. I don't know if he is going to make a career out of this, but they seem pretty happy right now.

Following up on my work last summer, I made a baby quilt for the new addition to the family. Once again, I'm using the Log Cabin design. This quilt pattern allows me to run strips of material through the sewing machine rather than having to hand piece everything together. The whole project takes much less time that way.

Seeing as we have a new young lady in the family, I used a bit more pink in this quilt. As always, click for a larger view.

Here is a close-up of one panel:

And finally, here is a close-up of the corner piece:

I had a local stitchography shop machine embroider the logos on a piece of material. I had hoped for more separation so that I could put the chicken, ball, and hooks on a 45° angle. But what I received from them worked well enough.

On to the next one! Only 17 days left until Christmas!!

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