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In a continuation of the series on quilts that I have made, we offer the following.

In response to popular request...note the singular usage...we offer the following content for all 5.2 of our regular readers. Also note the recent uptick in readership. I am the envy of every newspaperman in the United States.

As reported a couple of days ago, I finished my second quilt. Two in one year! I hear that is considered to be a pretty decent production rate in certain circles. The photo of quilt number two didn't really give much of a view of the individual panels. Therefore, we offer the following:

Click for a larger view.

A couple of mildly interesting notes about these panels.

First is the green and white striped material. As the larger view shows, I cut half of the strips perpendicular to the striped pattern while the other half were cut parallel to the striped pattern. Aside from making sure that the parallel cuts were as parallel as I could get, I didn't do a lot of fussing around with where the cuts were made.

When I was assembling the panels, the strips cut perpendicular to the stripes were put in place before the ones that were cut parallel to the stripes. The result...I hope....is a sort of optical illusion that makes you think that those two pieces are cut from a single section of cloth.

Secondly, take a good look at the yellow material. You probably ought to click on the picture to get a better view. It looks a bit like clouds in the sky. Look a bit closer and see if you see anything in those yellow clouds.

Now here's a couple of close-up shots of some left over strips.

If you look carefully in the top circle, you will see a teddy bear. Or at least that is what it looks like to me. Also, there appears to be a dog, Scottish Terrier if I had to guess, in the bottom circle.

And here I've circled what appears to be the head and neck of a giraffe. Unfortunately, I don't have any larger sections of material left so that you could see the rest of the giraffe. However there are a couple more critters in that sample. The first one to name them in the comments will receive a fabulous prize; to be named and awarded at a much later date.

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