Psssttt....Can Someone Do Something To Fix This?


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It might help.

It took Bob Bertsch 25 years to build his construction business and just a day for it all to go away.


"I am tired of carrying all the tax load," Bertsch said. "I renew 13 licenses here every year just so I can spend money in this city."

Bertsch makes no attempt to conceal his frustration with the costs government imposes on small businesses like his.

"Government is killing small business. We used to have 24 employees at our peak. Now, all of those people who used to work here are in unemployment lines," he said.


Bertsch told a friend at the auction he is selling out because government was taking more out of his business than he was.

Or we can keep giving handouts to big businesses with ties to the government.  The whole idea of keeping everyone's taxes low is apparently over rated.
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