Book Recommendation - The Warded Man


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Demons rise for a nightly feast of human flesh.  All that protects the humans are their ability to create signs, wards, that keep the demons from getting close enough to feed.

Arlen is a boy living in a small hamlet.  He lives with the suspicion that humanity could do more than hide behind their wards.  They could fight.

His last night at home is the night when he watches demons rip his mother to pieces while his father remains safely protected.  After that night, he roams the world learning to paint wards and eventually meeting the people of the desert that take the fight to the demons instead of hiding behind warded walls.

We also meet Rojer and Leesha who are kindred spirits that see themselves as capable of more than the limited expectations of the friends and families.  People who want something better, even if they do not know how to achieve it.

Eventually, Arlen learns the long forgotten secrets that enabled men to hunt demons instead of being hunted by demons.  He uses those secrets to become....something else.

Worth your time.

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