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Most analogies fail at some point.  But sometimes they are quite useful.

As a country, we have a problem with debt and with deficits.  We are in a fiscal hole. Call it a 100 yard deep hole.

Wisconsin's Paul Ryan has presented a plan that is the fiscal equivalent of 80 yards of sturdy rope.

Harry Reid and the Democrats are offering the fiscal equivalent of 30 yards of light twine.  You couldn't start building a sturdy rope with it.

John Boehner are is negotiating for 60 yards of light twine.

You are at the bottom of that 100 yard deep hole.  Which option do you want coming to the rescue?

Getting into Iraq didn't cause the problem.  Cutting taxes back in 2001-2002 didn't cause the problem.  The left's boogieman, George W. Bush, didn't cause the problem.  [although he gave it a boost with that prescription drug benefit plan].

Over spending caused this problem.  Unfunded social programs like Social Security and Medicare caused this problem.  The pending growth in those programs threatens to eliminate every other federal government program, department, or agency.  Including DoD, the Department of Education, the EPA, the FCC, Head Start, and more and more and more.

The sound advice that I have heard for years applies.  If you are at the bottom of a deep hole, the first step is to quit digging.

The second is to look for a sturdy rope.

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