Regulate Actions....Or Regulate Things


Posted on : 8/13/2010 08:29:00 PM | By : Dann | In : ,

Some wisdom from Robb Allen at Sharp As A Marble....

I'm still of the belief that attempting to regulate things rather than setting punishments for specific behavior [is] idiocy. Things can be created from scratch, and the doohickey the law focuses so intently on can be modified so that my thing doesn't exactly match the definition of the legal thing and therefor isn't really a thing per-se.

Mowing down a bunch of blind orphans on a field trip to the art museum though? That's a behavior that's easy to identify, isolate, and punish for. Trying to decide if the particular paint job or threaded doodad on the firearm wasn't documented properly is not only harder to do, it has no bearing on the action of the individual.
A little editing from me.  Great thoughts from Robb.

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