Newsflash - Glenn Beck Sane


Posted on : 8/13/2010 04:32:00 PM | By : Dann | In : ,

At least for a moment or two.  He discussed the recent ruling regarding gay marriage with Bill O'Reilly.

And apparently, he isn't bothered by the idea of gay couples marrying.

So we agree there.

Apparently, that wasn't always the case.

Glenn also believes that our country's slide began with the 'progressive movement' and Woodrow Wilson.  If he includes the Income Tax, the popular election of US Senators, and banning opium, cocaine, and marijuana, then I'd have to agree.

Sadly, he believes there is some sort of 'conspiracy' involved.  And thus any modicum of agreement dies an early death.

I know that Glenn is a big fan of former President Calvin Coolidge.  As am I.  So we're back on again!

In any case, I find it interesting that Glenn Beck isn't terribly concerned about gay marriage.

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