Bow To Who?


Posted on : 4/14/2010 07:28:00 AM | By : Dann | In : ,

Or was that Hu?

I am more than slightly skeptical of photographs of President Obama bowing to just about everyone except the janitor when he meets foreign dignitaries.  As we saw with the photo of him supposedly leering at some young woman a while back, the truth as demonstrated on video is that he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Although Carla Bruni might have had a few words with Nicholas Sarcozy over his bit of butt gazing.

I should also add that other Presidents, including Republican Presidents, have been caught on film doing a little bowing every now and then.

Still, the incident with the King of Saudi Arabia is pretty clear.  The one with the Emperor of Japan is also pretty straightforward.

These serial incidents suggest that this is something more than just rare actions occurring within the diplomatic realm.  Coupled with his series of apology speeches, they suggest that he views American influence as being harmful in the world.

Rather than extending a hand to others in their quest for freedom and equality on the world stage, Mr. Obama seems a bit embarrassed that we enjoy those "blessings of liberty".

Two leaders bowing in a culturally appropriate ceremony isn't troublesome.  When one bows and the other doesn't return it, then we have grade A problem.

Mr. Obama's handlers should know that.  The fact that the problem hasn't gone away suggests that they and he do not.

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