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I love photographs.  I even have some modest experience with photography.  Years ago I owned a Fujica 100% manual 35mm camera.  I played around with it quite a bit.  I even managed to take a few memorable photos.

I use a digital camera these days.  Nothing ostentatious.  Also nothing with the ability to change lenses, use filters, or otherwise manipulate the image.

I came across the work of George Zimbel courtesy of a rarely read blog.  His collection of photos from Bourbon Street in New Orleans from 1955 are tremendous.  His collection of Marilyn Monroe shot at that scene from "The Seven Year Itch"....if you don't know the one I'm talking about, then you probably shouldn't also great.  Photos of Carol Channing, Jacqueline Kennedy,  and Helen Keller can be seen in his Les Femmes collection.

Take the time to look around.  You won't be disappointed.

There are times when I feel like I have missed my calling.  Viewing Mr. Zimbel's work is one of those times.

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