Why are we mad?


Posted on : 3/28/2010 12:33:00 PM | By : Dann | In : , , , , , ,

Social Security is $8 trillion short.

Medicare is $32 trillion short.

Both programs began under the gossamer thin pretext of being properly funded.  And yet today they are not.

They could have been properly funded if Congress had been willing to privatize those programs several decades ago.  But it is too late to do anything about it today.

We have less than 3 workers for every current retiree.  Soon we will be down to 2 workers per retiree.

And on top of that we have this monstrosity of a health care "reform" that claims to only add $200 billion to the annual deficit.  A claim that only makes sense if you accept the fraudulent accounting gimmicks used by Congress to get an "acceptable" score from the Congressional Budget Office.

Pouring sludge into an engine is the not the proper response to a flat tire.  Unfortunately, few currently in power have demonstrated any interest in fixing that flat tire. 

They are invested too heavily into sludge.

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