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Terry Gross of Fresh Air interviewed author Michael Lewis yesterday.  Mr. Lewis has written a book about the people that made millions, perhaps billions, from the recent stock market collapse.  He started his book, "Big Short", in an attempt to understand why these people has such a different perception of the market than was the case for the rest of Wall Street.

The interview is quite interesting.  One facet of the story that I thought was fascinating was that all of the people Mr. Lewis studied had attempted to warn Wall Street in one way or another.  They were ignored and the rest is history.

I continue to find these kinds of stories interesting.  There is no single cause for the 2008 collapse.  As we continue to learn more about what really happened and why it happened, we continue to find a variety of causes the confluence of which resulted in our current economic difficulties.

A cautionary note, I don't endorse Ms. Gross or her program "Fresh Air".  I spend a great deal of time screaming at my radio whenever I am listening to her show because of her lack of curiosity regarding some subjects and her outright bias regarding others. 

She occasionally has a gem of a program.  This is one of those occasions.

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Jon Stewart also interviewed Mr. Lewis recently on the Daily Show. I found it sufficiently eye-opening to get a copy of the book.