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One surprising change in our culture over the last 30 years or so is how afraid we have become of nudity in art.

Art.  Not porn.

The example I typically turn to is the movie 'Logan's Run'.  At one point in the movie, Jenny Agutter's [no direct nudity at the link, but her robe is rather diaphanous] character strips down to nothing.  She and Logan have just gone through the city's water system and have arrived in the ice cave with Box.  There are furs sitting in a pile and they decide that it is better to be warm and dry than cold and wet.  And so Jenny does a quick trip out of her thing....facing the camera mostly...and wraps up in the furs.

'Logan's Run' was rated PG when it was issued.   I doubt Hollywood could make that movie today.

Even YouTube is caught up in protecting people from the all offensive and powerful boobies.  The recently decided not to host this short video from an artist.  Caution, if you or your boss finds a nude woman offensive, then offense lies ahead. 

After some protesting, then eventually changed their minds.  But I can't imagine why they ever thought to pull it in the first place.

Except when I look at how our movies have changed, and how parents react to students studying art that includes people sans clothing.  There are times when our Puritan founding is not an asset.  The current trend in art is definitely one of those occasions.

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