Mischaracterizing The Tea Partiers


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A frequent theme in my regular reading is the serial mischaracterizations of the Tea Party crowd on the part of our friends in the major media and their fellow leftist travellers.  A. Barton Hinkle expresses many of my thoughts on that subject quite well here.

The nut of his rejoinder is quite accurate.

Yet as J.R. Lucas wrote more than three decades ago, equality has more than one dimension, and efforts to tame economic inequalities can produce bureaucratic empires that crystallize "an inequality of power . . . more dangerous than the inequality of wealth to which objection was originally made." Members of Tea Party Nation may simply prefer to tolerate monetary inequalities rather than to hand more power over their lives to progressives who, while purporting to care about the great unwashed, sometimes treat them with casual contempt.

Having witnessed the damage that government mischief can cause from afar as well as up close, I do not trust that they will use the new authority under consideration in a wise and responsible manner.  The vagaries of the market are preferable to the iron fist of bureaucratic authority and politically derived preferences.

The continued trend of disregarding that legitimate perspective and misrepresenting its proponents are not healthy for our country.

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