Gun Owner Receives Apology - Policeman Gets Off With A Wrist Slap


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The Knoxville News Sentinel has the story of a Tennessean who has received an apology from the chief of police for the Knoxville Police Department.

The short version is that Trevor Putnam had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  It is also legal in Tennessee to carry an unconcealed weapon.  One evening a while back, Mr. Putnam escorted his girlfriend on a shopping trip to the local Walmart.  While he ordinarily would either wear a jacket or pull his shirt tail out to cover his pistol and holster, on this evening he did neither.

KPD officer Glenn Todd Greene pulled him aside to ask why he was carrying a firearm in public.  Officer Greene eventually told Mr. Putnam "he'd find a reason to put me in jail,".  A clear abuse of authority.

The fact that Mr. Putnam had a Constitutional right to do so apparently never crossed Officer Greene's mind. 

A KPD investigation following Mr. Putnam's complaint concluded that Officer Greene did not know the law and had acted unacceptably.  A letter of reprimand and mandatory supplemental training on the law resulted.  Department wide training will also take place over the course of the coming year.

My sole complaint when it comes to our law enforcers is when they forget that ordinary citizens created the governments that they serve.  Our rights supercede their perceived duties.

Any other arrangement makes us property of the government; subject to the whims of government agents.

Fortunately, most of the law enforcers I've had the pleasure of knowing look at things the same way.  They walk a tough line and I'm glad to have their honorable service.

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