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How much time do you spend Googling your own name?  I don't ego search very often, but when I do it is more than a little frustrating.  You see my name means something else in German.

The word "dann" in German means "then".  So an ego search usually returns a few German sites that include the phrase "dann Todd", which I assume is the phrase "then Todd" that is part of a larger sentence about Todd.  Whoever that is.

Sometimes I get racing results.  I have no idea if feet or wheels are involved.

I sent notices out to the few people that have had my site in their blog roll.  And I noticed over the weekend that Sherwood had updated his site.  Here is how he references my new site:

Give me liberty or give me Todd. On second thought, give me both, since it's a double-d and not in German anyway.

I have the sneaking suspicion that he knows about my particular Googling issue!

As a bonus, there is a double entendre.  I had not known it up until now, but the German word "tod" means "death".  Re-read the above for a bonus chuckle!

Thanks for the chuckle, Sherwood.  And thanks for updating your blogroll.

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