Fearing Big Government


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Victor David Hanson has posted an interesting essay called "Why We Fear Big Government".  I wouldn't call it a definitive essay on the subject, but it is a good start.

I should point out that his essay isn't titled "Why We Fear Government."  I have had some modest success influencing my local government.  None of the issues were very big and my positions  were generally considered to be "common sense" rather than the more ideological libertarian bent that I express here.

I find that the further removed that a government body is from the local population, the less the local population is able to affect the performance of that government body.  Another version of that perspective is that the more people an elected official represents, the less he or she listens to the people they represent.  For examples please refer to Congress, United States; Senate and House inclusive.


Here's  another criticism of big government that works just as well....

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