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I was listening to an NPR program over the weekend.  They were talking about how Mr. Obama and his financial advisors were apparently promoting annuities as good investment vehicles.  The host of the show repeatedly referred to those advisors as being Mr. Obama's "crew".  Or perhaps the correct spelling is "crue".  I have no idea.

In any case, I believe the use of the word "crew" is meant to bring to mind the thoughts of rappers surrounded by their supports and other sycophants.   It is nothing more than another example of how a obsessed the major media is with regards to race.

The correct reference should have been to President Obama and his advisors; perhaps his "team of advisors" or "advisory team".  Anything less is disrespectful of the Presidency and of Mr. Obama personally.

It does remind me of another episode that I blogged about a while back....

Isn't it funny that the one group that is having such a hard time living in the post-racial era is the same group that advocated the advent of that era?

The worst part of all this is that Mr. Obama has [mostly] been a class act on the subject of race.  He has acknowledged his unique position as the first black person to win the Presidency.  At the same time, he has played down race as a factor in his election.  He has recognized that there were a number of factors in play and that racism wasn't even close to being in the lead.  I think his take on that is pretty accurate.

Even though I disagree with a large part of his agenda, I perceive based on his words and his actions that he wants to be "an American President" rather than "the first black American President".  Regardless of any policy disagreements, he is my American President.

But the major media loves conflict and they love Mr. Obama's agenda.  And so the race baiting and mongering continue.

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