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The day has come.  It arrived before I wanted it to, but not as soon as I had originally thought.

The day has come when I must abandon my old blog and create something new.  There are two primary reasons for this change.  The first is that Haloscan will be shutting down soon.  Haloscan was the service I used to gather and present comments on my old blog.  I expect all those tens of comments to die an arduous death when Haloscan finally shuts down their servers.

The second reason for closing my old blog is that the software I used to create it is no longer supported.  Fahim Farook has moved on to other platforms and doesn't have the time to continue developing his very fine Blog program.  I am deeply grateful to Fahim for creating Blog and offering it to the world at no cost.  I fully enjoyed the control that I was able to exert over how my thoughts were presented based on my below average knowledge of HTML and style sheets.

But the day has come, and the old blog is done.  A new blog begins.

I have tried to retain many of the elements of my old blog; the blog roll, the daily comics reading list, the list of quilts, a brief tribute to Capt. Ketchie.

I am somewhat excited to finally be able to use some of the more popular Blogger tools.  However, in setting up this blog, I have been somewhat saddened to find that you still have to be smarter than the software you are using.  In some cases I am.  In others.....

Please feel free to look around.  I hope to have enough content that you will come back willingly and often.

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