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Do you ever wonder what is happening when you aren't looking?  Do you suppose that tress might pull their roots out of the ground and begin dancing the moment that you look away?

How many times have you passed by a shrub so intent on your destination that you fail to notice the surprise...or horror...hidden by its leaves?  How many times have you wanted to talk to someone but hung up the phone instead of dialing?  How many times did they do the same?  Was it ever at the same time?

Luke Pearson has created a series of vignettes that suggest that more is going on around us than we routinely care to perceive.  He pushes the idea of "If I only...." so that the reader might consider a larger possibilities than the limited set that most of us perceive.

Mr. Pearson's "Everything We Miss" is certainly worth the time to read, and then the time to consider.

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